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Peek through a company profile in UAE

Many organisations in UAE and across the globe either do not have a company profile or they don't know how to make an attractive profile for their business. Following is the step by step guide how to create a corporate profile.

1. Jot down company details first: Person who is reading, should know whom they are dealing with before getting into contracts. It also represents how organised and efficient you are. Ensure to mention your company name, year of establishment, or what you do, what services or products your company offers, it’s principles, key personnel contact information, and website URL. There can be more details added, if it is relevant to your company and you think is necessary to add.

2. Showcase your company’s abilities and ideas: Start with a mission statement, that is the best thing to start this section. Simultaneously, you can also add your company’s vision, guiding ethics, and the history of your company. Explain who you are and what drives you gives your company a human element. This part here provides you some astute opportunity to advertise yourself and promote your company early on.

In this section you can afford to be pinch vague. Mission statements are generally necessary for some businesses, and may have been precise. But for everyone else, you can try to put what you do without restricting yourself. Try not to scare away potential clients by vague language.

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3. Pull out more particular details: Liaise with different departments and personnel to obtain up to date details in various areas. You may not require all these, but keeping them handy will make it a lot easier when you sit down to draft the profile. Outline a way to streamline this process in the future, as you would want to update this details in your profile regularly as it is a continuous process and many changes will occur during a time period.

Few things you should keep a track of:

  1. Updated list of employees

  2. Company’s turnover (lower is better, but either ways it’s good to have this information handy)

  3. List of activities (areas you work with in your business)

  4. Remarkable equipment and specialties (If you can produce something which no one can do, that has to be mentioned here)

  5. Any Certification (Eg: ISO 9001)

  6. Imports and experts

  7. Process, methodology, machines and softwares

  8. Production capacity / out put volume (clients will know your capability of handling projects)

  9. Delivery process, procedure and statistics

  10. Major Clients handled or handling and Projects

4. Screen all the information: Since you don’t want to make a lengthy profile, refrain from including every possible detail. Because, not every bit of information will be strength. Pluck most relevant information and include it in your profile in various contexts. Rest of the information you may keep for future reference. Keep the important details in one place for easy access.

5. Design and Format: Last but not the least.

Make sure the format looks professional and it has a dynamic and creative design pattern which reflects the ideas and principles of your company.

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