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5 Myths Busted About CV Writing

When it comes to CV Writing in Dubai, UAE, or any other country, many people have limited or no information or knowledge about how to write their CV / Resume. In this article, we will remove the curtain from a few myths that many people believe in.

CV writing in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, GCC

1. I will grab a job with a stunning CV

Fact: A good CV will get you enrolled for an interview. Once, you are in front of a prospective employer, you have to sell yourself better than your CV.

2. Hard copy is enough

Fact: A lot of people think it is OK if I have a hard copy of my CV with me. Nowadays, many recruiters and employers prefer hiring people through Social Media Platforms, LinkedIn is the core source through which job seekers are getting good placements these days.

3. Keep my resume generic

Fact: Many people have an assumption they will get a job if they keep their resume generic, which reduces the chances of your CV being shortlisted for a specific position. If you don’t keep your experience up to the point and relevant to your actual job description, your chances of getting shortlisted are cut down.

4. The resume should cover your complete job history

Fact: If you have more than 20 or 30 years of work experience in different organizations, it is not required to put down your entire work history in your CV, as most employers will be interested in what you are doing in your current role. Your past experience can be kept in your CV if it is vital and can add value to your current job search.

5. Exaggerate or overstate your responsibilities

Fact: Your CV is the depiction of what you are and what you are capable of. Most employers appreciate integrity and expect you to state your experience truthfully. Falsifying information is a strict no-no. Try to be clear on your roles and responsibilities in your current and past jobs to avoid any embarrassing situations during interviews.

For more information on CV / Resume Writing in Dubai, UAE, or GCC please visit our website, or write to us at we will be happy to help you by providing guidance and solving your issues and answer to your questions and queries.


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