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Five Tricks to Boost Your Business Using Social Media

For businesses, social media offers a wide range of advantages, primarily supported by the huge evolution of social media into diverse platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others. In a competitive market like the UAE, it is highly important to have strong social media to support your business steps. Writing Expertz Dubai shares with you five tricks to boost your local business using social media, to achieve more followers, improve engagement, receive wider exposure, and most importantly, bump up your conversion rates.

Social media management in Dubai

Trick 1 – Target the Hot Stuff

Online readers do not ponder on old stuff. They need to know new things and this can be your weapon to boost your business. Target information related to your service or products that is current and is searched by readers online. You want to encourage your future customers to visit your website, and posting about things that are CURRENT will give your business a good incoming flow of visitors. You can support your content by using keyword search tools from Google or other companies to know which keyword to include and improve your results.

Trick 2 – Learn to use the ever-changing language of social media

On social media, you will see a lot of different languages (or so) used extensively in the form of infographics, images, and videos. Today readers are not interested in reading a lot of text and prefer to view things that say for themselves such as a video, or a GIF. You can apply video-sharing apps at use to share videos on Flipboard, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, or Instagram for instance, or share creative and informative images using Pinterest, or Flickr. Don’t forget to load your content with relevant keywords to improve visibility.

Trick 3 – Increase your customers/followers

Search engines rank your website or business based on the number of likes, shares, followers, and comments you have on your social media channels. Develop creative strategies to get more followers and subscribers to your social channels along with likes and comments. If required, you can use the premium features offered by platforms such as Facebook to get organic followers and likes.

Trick 4 - Save on time

The most important asset that you lose when trying to build your brand is time. By applying social media marketing and engagement strategies, you can cut down on time wasted by using one-stop social media management tools such as Hootsuite. These tools provide you with a step-by-step solution to post on all your social channels and even schedule your future posts. This is one handy solution to manage your social media while not forgetting it all the time.

Trick 5 – Be ready to change and apply

Knowledge without application is a waste and so is dedication to change without knowledge. Try to be up to date with new policies and regulations launched by social channels so that your corporate profile or brand image is not affected by the update. For example, a recent update from Facebook to not announce winners from a contest on Facebook page can affect you, if you are planning to do the same on your page. It is better to be safe than hurt.

While these tricks we share today may be small applied on a regular basis can benefit your business potentially. In Dubai, social media has a major effect on consumers and if you are lagging behind in applying social media to your marketing program in UAE, do it today. You can also get help from Writing Expertz to support you in social media management and marketing activities so that you can take care of your business while we take care of your marketing. For help, call +971 56 96 26 391.


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