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2023 - 2024 Admission Essay – What should you write about?

It’s the end of the year 2023 and a new beginning coming our way. If you are planning to enroll in a Bachelor's, MBA, a PhD, or Doctorate degree, the first thing you need to have is an admission essay. Almost all major educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates, or UK-affiliated universities located in various countries request applicants to submit a common application essay to enhance their chances of admission into the university. But the question is ‘What should I write about?’

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If you have already browsed online, you will be shocked to see the similarity in the college or university application essay topics. These topics have been going around for quite many years and have made it even tougher for students to write original essays without borrowing something. The drawback: reviewers have read almost all variants an admission essay is written, and are hardly impressed.

Some of the most commonly found admission essay topics in the UAE include:

Sharing your personal story – either a hobby or personal factor that makes you unique and lucrative for admission. It can be your love for your superhero, a strange addiction, or a genuine love for sports are some good ways to express your story. However, stay away from boasting about your accomplishments that you had in your high school or something closely related.

A challenge – Always a great way to add life to your admission essay, a challenge-related essay can lift the interest of the reviewer. It can be a challenge that you have faced in the past or your challenge to something that was not achievable, writing a challenge-filled essay is a sure shot for attention seekers, but not as worthy as an admission essay.

A failure – Yes, this essay type for admission is chosen once by every student or at least considered. You can want to prove that you have encountered a failure and have risen back to glory, or how you challenge a failure (again challenge essay). However, the most common mistake is the inability of the applicant to accept a failure, leading to the dilution of the failure into some sort of achievement. The focus should be on how you tackled the failure and what it did to you as a person.

Future perspective – Yet another hot topic in admission essays, writing about something that you want to do when you complete your education is one of the best ways to obtain admission. You can write about being an entrepreneur, a doctor, an engineer, or a philanthropist, however, share your plan of action and how you want to achieve it. And don’t forget to add what will add any value to you or others.

If you are in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi), you can avail of personal consultation on preparing an admission essay / personal statement/letter of recommendation/motivation letter/statement of purpose for your admission at various levels. Contact us at +971 56 96 26 391 to know more.


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