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Applying with the Right CV and Why it Makes a Good Difference

Every person who completes his education hopes to secure to good job. This is irrespective of which industry he wants to get in or what type of job he wants to do. However, a very small percentage of people are able to get into the field of their preference. What about the rest of the candidates? What holds them back? The answer lies in their CV.

CV writing Dubai

The first mistake a fresh graduate makes is taking his/her CV for granted. In a highly competitive market like Dubai, there are thousands of students graduating every year from marketing, business administration, human resources, finance, strategy, aviation, and many more specializations.

Less have 30% of these students have a roadmap developed, on what will be their next step and what they need to get there. This includes preparing a professional resume, practicing job interview questions, and participating in mock interviews.

You may have secured more than 80% of marks in your graduation, but failure to produce a professional resume will hinder your job application. Whether you want to apply through leading job portals such as Bayt, MonsterGulf, Laimoon, NaukriGulf, Gulf Talent, or others, you will need a well-developed resume highlighting your educational qualifications, professional talent, and personal traits.

When applying for a job in the United Arab Emirates, another common mistake made by applicants is following the resume formats of experienced professionals. There is a difference. You, as a fresher applicant, may not have as many fields as an experienced professional nor will you have too much content to showcase. However, you do have certain aspects that you can look into when applying for a job in the UAE.

1. Start your resume with a professional headline, quoting your degree and your target industry/field.

2. State your professional objective. Now, you have to remember that you do not have any professional experience. So try to limit using like ‘experienced professional’ or any self-boasting words like ‘astute professional, dynamic individual, high excellence professional, etc’

3. List your education qualifications on the first page. This is your prime asset and don’t move it to the second page. Try to elaborate as much as you can. However, do not write subject-wise percentages.

4. Explain your final dissertation or thesis submitted. What did you research about, how was it useful, and what difference did it make? Also, mix a bit of professional words here in order to stand out.

5. At the end, list any professional training/seminars/conferences you have attended. This will be your value addition.

Finding a decent job is neither difficult nor easy. All you need is a professional resume and beaming confidence.

For any help in preparing a professional resume, please contact Writing Expert Dubai today.

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