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101 for Business Website Development in UAE

Starting your own business is one of the many great steps you take in your life. It is important that with this great step, you start your business website so that your consumers know you are open for business. However, given the huge number of websites online, it is quite confusing for a new business owner to understand which the right website for his /her business is. If you are a new business owner or are planning to start to your own website, this guide is for you. Whether you want to launch your website in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, or any other country, this article will definitely clear some clouds and give you a better decision making power. Read on to know more.

Static vs dynamic website choosing the right one in UAE

What are the types of websites?

Website is basically of two types: static and dynamic. A static website is the traditional website that was developed to fit for one size – the desktop or laptop screen size. On the other hand, a dynamic website (also called responsive to make it even more confusing) is the evolved website that fits the website design to the platform size, such as a mobile, table, or laptop.

Which website type should you choose?

This is the most intriguing question you may face. The answer is quite simple. The type of website depends on your business model. Please consider below examples for clear understanding.

Example 1: You have a plumbing service shop and would like to have a business website so that your customer can know your services and contact details such as mobile number, address or location map. This is a simple website which does not include any online payment or purchase not has heavy use of data or videos as such. If you have a business such as this, you should go for a static website.

Example 2: You are planning to start an online business (fresh) or an extension to your local business such as a supermarket or food delivery, etc. Considering the requirement of interaction with customers online, loading of payment gateways, secure transaction and most importantly, regular update of information online requires a dynamic platform. You need to opt for a dynamic or responsive website.

What is the most preferred type of website design in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, it is common for web designing companies to force you to choose a responsive website irrespective of how big or small your online operations or business operations are. However, if you do a regular search online in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Sharjah for website design, you will easily note that there are many large companies that still use a static website design as they just need a platform for sharing basic information. Also, given the benefit of static websites to load quickly and affordable in term of cost, they are preferred. However, if you have a relaxed budget, you can definitely go with a responsive design.

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