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Statement of Purpose Writing – Everything you need to know about SOP in UAE

Academic life has different phases, starting with schooling, gradually moving up to high school, college, and the most awaited university life. In Dubai, you will find numerous colleges to seek admissions, be it the most popular Middlesex University in Dubai or the University of Wollongong, the quality of education has definitely pumped up over the past decade.

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Crafting a Path to Success - The Art of Writing an Impactful Statement of Purpose (SOP)

As a student, you may have always dreamt about pursuing higher studies in a high-profile university or institute and the UK is the first preference for many, followed by the USA and Australia. The one thing that is common among the universities in these countries is the admission process.

When you want to apply for higher education in the UK, USA, or Australia, the first thing they would like to review is your application supported with a well-drafted STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. Also known as SOP, it is basically an admission essay written with a purpose.

An SOP is an essential requirement when you apply for graduate education or post-graduate education. But what does an SOP contain? How should you write a SOP essay for UK or US universities? How to add a difference to your SOP application in UAE?

General Overview of a SOP Essay

  • An SOP essay is a form of admission essay used by students to apply for higher education (graduation or post-graduation) in the UK, US, or Australia, or universities affiliated with the UK, USA, or Australia but in the UAE.

  • The estimated word count of a SOP essay is 500 to 1000 words. However, it may increase or decrease based on university requirements.

  • A SOP essay is written to fulfill specific objectives. Writing an SOP essay comprises key sections such as motivation factors to choose your study field, academic or professional experience to support the study field chosen, future goals and how your chosen study field from that university will support it, and most importantly, why should the university accept your application (your USP)

  • SOP admission essay is generally asked to be submitted either via email or uploaded through Weblink during the application process.

For help writing a statement of purpose for your admission, call +971 56 96 26 391 for SOP Writing Expertz in UAE. We provide excellent support in preparing high-quality SOP essays for the UK, USA, and Australia. Already have an SOP ready? Get it reviewed by our SOP writing experts in UAE to achieve your desired admission.

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