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The Nits and Grits of Website Content Writing in UAE

It’s as they say ‘First Impression is the Best Impression’. It is true, whether applied to design, concept, or content. The online world is the best place to sell your products and services and the first step to get on to it IS THROUGH A WEBSITE. But having a website doesn’t mean you are done.

Image showcasing website content writing services in the UAE, emphasizing professional writing, SEO optimization, and quality content creation for online platforms.

More than 50% of the websites online have only 1 page and were created only to tell everyone THEY TOO ARE ONLINE. But the fact is, the website is of no use. The first rule of creating a website is to pamper it with good content that allows visitors to read and know about the company and its offerings. Having only 1 page on display and literally with no content on it will be of no use.

Everyone knows why to develop a website. Be it for moving the business online, attracting new customers, building an online presence, or just for Google, your website is your business. You need to take it seriously. Will you be satisfied if you order French fries, and you get only 1 single piece? No. You crave more and the same applies to webpages. As soon as you land on a website, you crave to click as many inner pages as you can see (irrelevant of whether you read it or not). The benefit? Your reader stays on your website for a good amount of time and it stays in their brain, lingering in the backdrop.

Creating a new website in UAE is really simple. You can easily hire a good website designer, select a template, get content written by a professional content writer (or write it yourself), and get it published. However, if you are really serious about the money you have spent on purchasing the domain, website hosting, content writing, and designing, you will be not happy to know that it is not listed even in the first 100 pages.

A good website comes with not just content, but with SEO OPTIMIZED CONTENT. SEO or search engine optimization allows your website to be read by Google Algorithms, thereby getting it recognized. The more time someone searches for a keyword and your website has that keyword, the more your chances of being visible.

It may sound complicated, but it is really simple. A professional copywriter in Dubai will know how to integrate SEO keywords into your website content. If now, an SEO specialist can help you identify the top 50 or 100 keywords that online users search for based on keyword ranking.

Want to know more about SEO Keywords, click here.

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