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Submitting a Research Paper – Your Guide in Dubai

When you enter your MBA program, preparing your research paper will make the completion of your hard work. It is the one last step that you need to take to get your degree and achieve your Masters. However, it will also be your last toughest exam that will haunt you with dilemmas on ‘What is a research paper’, ‘What should you do to prepare a research paper’, ‘how much time does it take to complete your research paper’ and most importantly, ‘Can you get help in writing research paper in Dubai’.

Research papers, also referred as Thesis or Dissertation, are the end submissions that your university will ask you to complete to achieve the award of degree. This will be your last module in your MBA course.

Usually, a majority of the universities award at least 3 to 6 months for students to complete their research and prepare the research paper, be it in the UK or in UAE. In the UAE wherein there are a lot of universities offering MBA with UK affiliations, it will be sometimes difficult to be on track with the module schedule. This leads to delays and your research paper timeline becomes rather narrow.

When your research paper module starts in your university, the first thing that you need to know is ‘it is a war’. You are at war with yourself and against time, and should take up all steps needed to beat them. Whether you have chosen marketing, finance, education, or any other major subject, you will be needed to submit your research paper.

Coming to the size of the research paper, it ranges from 6,000 words to 18,000 words, from university to university in UAE. A standard and widely accepted research paper in Dubai will comprise of 15,000 words excluding references and index. While Harvard referencing style is usually followed, you may also encounter MLA and APA. Chicago style is rarely used.

When writing a research paper in Dubai, there are certain sections the research paper is divided into, as follows:

  1. Introduction: The chapter 1 describes what the problem is and what you aim to achieve in your research.

  2. Literature Review: This is the chapter 3 which will constitute to 30% weightage of your research paper. It comprises of a detailed review of past literature in your chosen topic and area and will critically examine what is done and what is required.

  3. Methodology: The chapter 3 presents the methodology you will apply to collect your data for analysis. It constitutes 15 to 20% weightage.

  4. Data Analysis: This is the most important chapter and also, as the literature review, has 30% weightage. This will present the critically reviewed data, trends and outcomes.

  5. Conclusion: The final chapter will present the results against the aims and objectives, and also give out the recommendations and limitations.

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