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Developing the Best Company Profile for your Business

Every day, in Dubai and any other part of the world, new businesses emerge. The competitiveness of the UAE market is not hidden, and companies day after day face the ups and downs of this ever shifting market trends. However, the companies that emerge successful are the ones that live to tell the tale and eventually, transform into a global firm.

The vision of UAE is be in the forefront of the business industry, and has always been a country that supports new businesses, emerging entrepreneurs as well as creative minds that want to give the world something new. If you own a company in the UAE (or any other country for instance), can you name one simple thing that is present in your company day in and day out, yet is one of the most neglected assets of your company? Its the COMPANY PROFILE.

A lot of attention is channeled towards brand development, yet company profile development is often neglected. Though it is true that companies are now digital and they do not need print media to support them. However, what these companies do not understand is the fact that 'They have the power to move print to online'.

A well developed company profile is the best thing a business can have. To develop a best company profile in Dubai, you don't have to spend an awe-full amount of money. The only thing that you need to do is find the best people to do the job. Start with a good copywriter followed by a good designer who understands your business concept.

A simple Google search online will give you a multitude of results displaying thousands of designs. Now, you always have the option to copy (which you will find much cheaper as well as easier), however, the key is to inspire and take charge to develop a unique and impactful company profile.

What should you do to develop a strong company profile in Dubai?

1. Make sure you cover these important pages in your company profile: About US, company overview, management, recent activities, services, workforce and future developments/expansion.

2. Make sure to keep it minimal in terms of word count. Trying to squeeze a huge amount of word count in your profile will just make matters works. Imagine wearing a XXS size t shirt while you need L size. Feels uncomfortable, not just you, but also, for the readers.

3. Work on the color schemes. Now, colors are beautiful, however, trying to add to many colors will just overflow and cause damage over development. Still to two to three shades matching your logo and you can do wonders.

Want to some unique concept ideas for preparing company profile designs?

We have sorted out some of the best company profile ideas you can get in the digital world, and you never know, your company profile may make the list in our next review.

For assistance in company profile writing or design, or both, please feel free to give us a call on 971 521276156 or mail us on

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