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What are Research Ethics and Why should you be aware of it as a STUDENT?

Research ethics are professional standards that students and researchers need to adhere to. Almost every year, numerous papers get published, and out of those, almost 50% are duplicated without any credit to the original work. This is dishonoring the actual research. Would you like someone copying your work and concept, where not acknowledging you? It's hard to understand why people don’t give the concern needed for research ethics. Today, we are sharing some important information on research ethics. It may be helpful for you too:

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Fabrication, Falsification, or Plagiarism are the three terms used to describe research misconduct. You can engage in research misconduct if you:

  1. Fabricate data by making up the results that do not exist in reality

  2. Falsify the information by manipulating or changing the data

  3. Plagiarize by using others' ideas/concepts/results without citing or acknowledging them

Why is it important to avoid plagiarism in Academic Studies?

Universities across the globe train and educate students to follow research ethics and use professional academic standards when preparing their assignments and dissertations. However, students are caught submitting plagiarised work. When does this occur:

  1. When you are plagiarising from online sources, without paraphrasing and not citing the source.

  2. When you are copying your friend's work, when not understand the consequences.

Example: If you and your friend are working on a similar project and you copied your friend's work. Post completion, you both submit your work to different reviewers, yet it gets rejected. The reason is plagiarism. No university or journal accepts this behavior.

In the online research sphere, various instances of known publishing bodies pulling down their published material have been identified. Research misconduct is one of the key issues behind the pull-down.

One of the common issues at the Academic Level is the lack of original research. Students do not take their dissertation submission seriously, and as a result, they choose some topic published recently and reuse it to clear their dissertation. What do they lose? They lose credibility and are labeled with research misconduct.

In simple words, research ethics matter and every researcher should follow it.

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