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Importance of a Company Profile – Are you making the right decision?

The importance of a company profile, which is not understood by a majority of the existing companies, is usually understated. Very few go for company profile development seriously, while the others label it with ‘My company doesn’t need a profile because I have good number of customers’.

As a candidate, a CV is the first document that you present at any interview to help showcase your skills, achievements, experience, and anything that will promote you as a qualified candidate. Without a CV, there is a lower chance that you may land an interview call, unless you rely on close sources to refer you. Similarly, a company profile is your CV to attract your potential customers and showcase your products or services.

What does a company profile actually contain?

To make it simple and straight forward, a company profile will consists the follow essential pages:

About US: A small yet clear description of what your company is about and what it offers. Pair it with mission and vision, (and values if you have listed).

Our Services: A brief write-up on the major products or services offered by the company. In case you have a long list of these, you can categorize them into sections and reflect on your profile.

Management: While this is not mandatory, it can add value to your profile. List a small section on the management personnel involved, their experience in the industry sector, their education (if really good) and how they see this business.

Clients: Yes, every company profile should list out the major clients the company has served or serviced. It adds a good impression on the consumers, as they can relate better and make a quick decision.

Contact US: This is the last section that gives away details on how clients or the reader can locate your business.

Added Tips:

To make your company profile every more interesting, try to add a good design or graphics that are eye catchy. Don’t make it too bright with unrealistic colors or graphic art. Choose simple designs!

Finding difficult to do the designing yourself? You can opt to hire a designer to work on the design part.

If you are looking for someone that can help you with both the content and the design, contact

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