March 5, 2017

When is comes to CV Writing in Dubai, UAE or any other country, many people have limited or no information or knowledge about how to write their CV / Resume. In this article we will remove the curtain from few myths that many people believe in. 

1. I will grab a job with a stunning CV

Fact: A good CV will get you enrolled for an interview. Once, you are in front of prospective employer, you have to sell yourself better than your...

September 29, 2016

Every person who completes his education hopes to secure to good job. This is irrespective of which industry he wants to get in or what type of job he wants to do. However, a very less percentage of people are able to get into the field of their preference. What about the rest of the candidates? What hold them back? The answer lies in their CV.

The first mistake a fresh graduate makes is taking his/her CV for granted. In a high...

March 26, 2016

We all know that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking, connecting to people, finding great jobs and also, getting the latest updates from your favourite companies. But did you know that you can use LinkedIn for your business? Yes, LinkedIn has evolved to be more than your regular networking platform. Today, it is your marketing tool if rightly used is your weapon to succeed. How you ask me? Read on to kn...

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